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The Science of CarbChoice

Salivary alpha amylaseSalivary Alpha AmylaseFitgenes CarbChoice tests our AMY1 gene which 'codes' for the protein known as ' salivary amylase'.

Amylase can account for 40-50% of the protein found in saliva which begins the process of starch metabolism in the mouth. 

Each gene has a copy number variation which means that sections of the gene are repeated and the number of repeats in the gene varies between individuals in the human population. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copy-number_variation


What will knowing my AMY1 gene copy number variation tell me?

AMY1 gene copy number scoreAMY1 Gene Copy Number ScoreCarbChoice AMY1 genetic profile reports on the indivdual's copy number variation and returns a score based on this information.  

For example, a lower AMY1 copy number indicates, such health issues as (but are not limited to):

  • Reduced amount of enzyme in your saliva needed to break down starch.
  • A reduced tolerance of high-starch diets.
  • A greater risk or predisposition to obesity.
  • Reduced glycaemic control (reduced glucose or blood sugar control).

Therefore, lower copy numbers means less tolerance for starch and carbohydrates.

Whereas a higher AMY1 copy number can mean individuals are better adapted to a high-starch diet.

Testing your AMY 1 gene can help you to understand:

  • How effectively you metabolise and tolerate carbohydrates and tolerate gluten.
  • Whether consumption of high levels of carbohydrates put you at an increased risk of being overweight?
  • If carbohydrates put you at an increased risk of having diabetes.

Report and Interventions 

CarbChoice will help you not only understand what your tolerance range is, based on your copy number variation, but also how to manage your intake of carbohydrates.  This includes the type of carbohydrates you should consume and other lifestyle factors that can lead you towards better health and wellbeing, for the long term.



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    "Weight management has always been an issue for me. I had previously done the Health and Wellbeing Genetic Profile Report and had some great insights in to my health and lifestyle choices, so I wondered what CarbChoice could offer.
    I had an inclination that a low carbohydrate diet suited me best and the CarbChoice profile confirmed this.My profile came back with a starch processing activity
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    Vivienne June, 2016
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