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Terms and Conditions

Your AMY 1 report contains a number of recommendations on foods to increase and avoid to manage metabolisation of carbohydrates.

If you have any existing medical condition/s in which certain foods must be excluded (e.g. Coeliac), have been advised to remove certain foods due to interaction with any prescription medication you may be taking (e.g. warfarin) or have an anaphylactic reaction to certain foods (e.g. nut allergy) please continue to follow that advice and disregard any information in this report that is in direct conflict.

The information in this report reflects the research to date on AMY 1. Genetic research is rapidly increasing and our understanding of AMY 1 will increase over time. Your report has a version number. As new research is incorporated into these reports they will be given a new version number.

When we outline the impact of AMY 1 on your health, we are only reporting on the impact of AMY 1. For example, you will see that AMY 1 impacts on risk of diabetes and so we have stated you are at an increased risk, without intervention. Chronic diseases are multi-factorial and AMY 1 is just one of a number of factors impacting on them.